PARKER & CO is a family-run men's accessory business based in London, specialising in personalised small leather goods and bracelets. Born out of ambition for individuality, we design for men who appreciate a classic style and bespoke accessory, capturing a sense of ownership through his incorporated personalised initials.

I founded the business in 2018, originally trading on a pop-up stall in Watford market before transitioning online selling through various platforms and marketplaces. Previously, my background started in the gifting industry as a Studio Manager before embarking on my own independent journey as a business owner. With an education studying fashion design at Central Saint Martins, it was a natural progression for me to create a menswear business utilising my creativity and design abilities I acquired, contributing to the success of PARKER & CO to date.

I started the business after realising a gap in the market for a stylish and simple personalised orientated company. However, with an already saturated market of overly personalised accessories I believe that less is more with personalisation and I champion a simple insignia on our range of accessories; evoking a classic and distinguished addition for a gentleman to enjoy.


As a small business we feel it is important to be guided by core values to ensure we are progressing on the right path of our exciting journey. We have outlined below our values that we will work hard to uphold and champion for the purpose of creating a strong, conscious, and sustainable business for the future.

Simplicity - We appreciate classic and minimalist qualities; we will seek ways to evoke this through our product design and personalisation options so as to achieve a modest aesthetic which we feel is an integral part of our branding.

Quality - We believe in investing in quality materials and craft to ensure the longevity of our products, so they stand the test of time, promoting a buy less, but buy better mindset.

Individuality - We feel strongly that promoting individuality is key to achieving an inclusive business which celebrates all things unique and individual.

Continually evolving - We thrive on becoming the best version of ourselves as people and as a business, we will continually evolve our processes and attitudes to better adapt our service to you and our products for you.

Luke Joyce - Founder & Director

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